RobbyBoyd_In 1983, as a high school junior, I suddenly became fearful of dying and the unknown consequences after dying. I sought out a campus pastor with Athletes In Action (John Lowe) and began attending bible study 1-2 times per week. In 1983, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. The decision to accept Jesus Christ as my savior changed my life forever. In February 1984, I accepted a football scholarship to Arizona State University (ASU) which changed my life forever. Six months after accepting the scholarship at ASU, I almost quit the football team because I was home sick and missed my life back in southern CA. I held on strong and believed in my faith and knew that I couldn’t quit. That decision changed my life forever.

From 1984-1988, I was very fortunate and blessed to play on the ASU football team as a three-year starting defensive back from 1986-1988. I played in three bowl games: 1985 Holiday Bowl, 1987 Rose Bowl and 1987 Freedom Bowl and was one of three team captains my senior season in 1988.

In 1989, the NFL draft season came up and I didn’t get picked. That realization and heartbreak changed my life forever. I decided to continue to live my life and appreciate the wonderful things that were happening to me. Graduating from ASU with a Bachelor of Science degree changed my life forever. Witnessing the birth of my two kids: Jonah Lee Boyd (May 1999) and Taro Ezekiel Boyd (February 2001) changed my life forever. My life is no longer just about me.

In 2005, after reading the book “The Purpose Driven Life “ by Rick Warren, I made a choice to be the best Servant Leader I can possibly be which changed my life forever. Success motivates me and love Inspires me. Motivation and Inspiration are unique gifts that changed my life forever.

I want to partner with YOU and help you in your lifelong pursuit of Motivation and Inspiration.

I’m With You…Robby Boyd