RobbyBoyd_I have been training with Robby for 6 months now. As a competitive swimmer and runner, he has made a huge difference in my performance and strength. I am very particular about only working with someone that has a vast knowledge and is an expert in body mechanics. Robby has tailored our workouts to exactly fit what I need and mixed up my weight training to make it much more fun than when I was training on my own. I love that he has a background with football because his drills are fun and the anaerobic activity has been critical to my success. I feel better now than ever before and will continue to rave about Robby.

• Suzy Kay


I’m 55 years old and have been training with Robby for several months. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility and strength. Robby changes the routine a lot and that makes the workouts really fun! He’s incredibly positive and motivating. This is a great way to start the day!!

• John Aldrich


Robby was a very successful sales manager while working with myself at Nautilus Inc. He was a strong sales producer with profitable margins, foresighted decision maker, and his integrity was among the best I’ve ever seen. Robby always impressed me with his ability to be a problem solver and keep his customers satisfied. Robby’s skills above make him an asset to any organization.

• Alex Fulton


I had the good fortune to spend time with Robby while at Nautilus. Robby consistently demonstrated strong character and a passion for meeting the needs of the business and the customer. With a focus on getting results the right way, Robby is an aggressive and honest sales leader committed to achieving goals over the short term and long term. Robby’s character and commitment made him a sales leader on the Nautilus Commercial business.

• Jim Brenner


Robby is an excellent communicator and a real “people-person.” I learned so much from watching him and working with him. He is great at quickly building long-term relationships and turning a bad situation around into an opportunity to make a sale. He does this by building trust and rapport with his quality character and integrity.

• Travis Moore


I’ve had the priveledge of working with Robby for the past four years and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a strong performer with strong values and ethics, excellent customer service skills and the ability to build lasting relationships with their customers. I agressively recruited Robby out of his previous company and he was the first Regional Sales Mgr I had ever hired directly into the position from outside the industry. Robby was hired to grow the regional and his first task was to hire and build a team. We worked collaboratively together to do this and I was impressed with his ability to quickly assess talent and build a great team. He excels at building a team that trusts and respects him. Robby is very optimistic and a real coach to his team. He is always reliable and can be depended upon no matter how crazy or insane the situation might be. He is very motivating and both customers and employees consistently gave him great marks. I would highly recommend him.

• Donovan Mattole


As Director of Sales for the office supply channel, I needed immediate leadership of our US based mfg rep organizations. We were implementing a new sales model. The job demanded an individual with a rare balance of skillsets High productivity given the 66% travel requirement. The ability to train independent sales professionals to sell our line and sustainably make forecast. And the direct management of our national key account wholesalers. Robby immediately validated our belief in his abilities with sustained sales results. Moreover, he built strong relationships with our channel partners as well as his collegues. Robby is a very rare sales professional — one that can make a very difficult and contentious decision with a channel partner and not only leave with their respect — they genuinely found him a positive influence. Robby is a man of the highest integrity and a results driven sales leader.

• Ricky Brown


Robby is a highly professional sales person, who creates very productive and strong relationships with his customer base. Also, due to his positive attitude and passion, he has a great influence on the people on his team. People really enjoy working with Robby. He would be an asset to any organization!

• Tom Lally